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“My new goal – to average 21 units…”

“I have been in the car business since 1999, and never realized my full potential until Headquarter Honda brought Joe’s online training into the dealership. The training on JVTN® has taught me to how really sell the right way.

I don’t have to pressure anyone to buy, because now I have all the right techniques to sell professionally. Instead of pushing to make the sale, I take customers through the emotional part of the buying process through to closing, by creating value – based on their hot buttons which also helps me keep my gross intact. And I’ve learned how to make the deal easier, by pointing out the advantages to the customer of a bigger down payment.

In 2017, I sold 179 units and in 2018 I ended up at 207 units (17 average) – and received my 3rd Director’s Club Award. My first award was a watch, last year it was a ring and this year a diamond for the ring, plus I got the Silver Award from Honda along with a bonus there, too. 

My new goal is to average 21 units a month and I have no doubt that Joe’s training will get me there!”

Fernelys Santana, Salesperson, FL