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My style is no pressure…

“Joe’s training works!”

“Hi – my name is Lexi. I love selling, I go to work to work, and the sales training on JVTN® amps me up for the day! It helps me have a positive attitude so that I start each day with a chapter and I make it a goal to complete 5 chapters a week. 

My style is no pressure and my goal is to make the customer comfortable in their buying experience and Joe’s questions and responses ‘work’! 

When a customer tells me they want to shop around, I use Joe’s wording to summarize the features and benefits they wanted… ’You like the leather seats on this, don’t you? And won’t the seat warmers be perfect for those winter drives to the cabin? Also, isn’t the backup camera perfect for those tight spots?’ They say yes to all of those and more and I close again. It’s so easy and simple but it is a perfect way for customers to see and take ownership in the vehicle.

I average 10-12 units and we get a flat rate for each car sold and then receive bonuses in increments of 9, 12 and 15. I like what Joe teaches because there is no pressure and I get to provide a great experience for my customers.”

– Lexi Wreggitt, Salesperson, Superior Nissan, Sault Ste. Marie, ON


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