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Need More Floor Traffic?

When you live off the floor traffic, what happens if the weather or business goes south?

Exactly, if you rely on floor traffic, you better take some classes now on how to stretch a paycheck, because you’ll need to know at some point.

The key to success is to always have a pipeline filled with future prospects, and that’s what follow up and prospecting do for you; they guarantee future sales.

Don’t get hammered by a slowdown in the economy or a bad weather in your area – prospect every day. And spend some time every day staying in touch with the people you’ve sold so they come back to see you next time. Think of retention contacts as ‘maintenance’ to keep your relationship going.

 If you talk to somebody today who isn’t ready for six months, that’s OK because six months from now you’ll want that sale. And if you prospect and follow up every day, you’ll have a calendar fully loaded with prospects who are ‘thisclose’ to pulling the trigger on a new car.

Oh, and did I mention that when you buy ‘sales insurance’ through prospecting and follow up, that when all of these nice people do come in, they’re five times easier to close and they pay you 40% more than those walk-ins?

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