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New “Events” Course on

Joe Verde Training Network Events Course

New “Events” Course Now Live After Debuting at the NADA Convention

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) today announced the launch of a new training course: “Sell More Units Before, During And After All Of Your Events.”

“We want to show you how to take that next event, whether it’s that super extravaganza with a gorilla on the roof, or a regular weekend event, and turn it into the best sales event ever with a significant increase in sales,” said Joe Verde, President, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. “Wouldn’t it be great to have a ton of appointments on the board before you even show up for the event, because that’s when you know you are going to be hugely successful. Our job with this course is to get you ready to execute and maximize each opportunity in every event you have this year,” Verde added.

The new course on the Joe Verde Training Network® debuted at the 2017 NADA Convention & Exposition in New Orleans, LA, January 27-29, 2017, and now the course has gone live to JVTN® subscribers on Feb. 1, 2017.

Joe Verde has helped dealerships across North America for decades and has authored 6 books, of which to date, more than 550,000 copies have been sold and distributed. Verde and his team of professional trainers have over 60 years of combined experience teaching Joe Verde sales and management skills and processes. They’ve spoken to more than 150 Dealer 20 Groups, ADAs, and at many other industry events, including 25 NADA annual conventions. They also hold hundreds of Joe Verde Sales and Sales Management Workshops each year. Verde’s training provides common-sense solutions to every challenge that salespeople, managers and their dealerships face today in selling more vehicles, earning more profit, and retaining their customers for life.

When Verde pioneered online sales training in 2005 with, it was an instant success. As a complete training source, JVTN® gives its dealership customers 24/7 access to all of its courses. And because JVTN® courses mirror the live training workshops, this allows dealers to continue their training after they attend classes. From Verde’s ‘Core 4 Selling’ and ‘Core 4 Business Development’ for every dealership, to the dozens of continuing education courses online, JVTN® has proven to be the most valuable in-house sales training resource in the automotive industry today. Verde regularly releases new online content and new books to help auto dealers get the results they are looking for.

Commenting further on his new special events course, Verde stated, “Take this new course and increase your event sales right now. While it’s not all you need to know, this is your fast start to selling cars for an event. It includes a closing process that works every time, which firms up your commitment and helps you get to negotiations with your gross totally intact. If the only course you ever took was this course, you would have more information than 99 percent of salespeople receive in their entire career. Take this course, then go back to it and develop these skills. Not only will you have a good event, you’ll also change your career in sales.”

To learn more about Joe Verde workshops and training products, or to request a free copy of other Joe Verde books, visit:, or call (800) 445-6217.

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