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No Change – No Gain

If you do everything in sales for the next six months exactly the same as what you did the last six months, will you probably…

○ Sell the same

○ Sell the same or less

Experts everywhere are telling us…

○ We may have a record year

○ We may have a bad year

○ It could be the same as last year

What’s that old saying…

 Hope for the best – prepare for the worst.

Forget that, do this instead…

 Prepare to have your best year in sales and hope for even more.

You’re on commission in an industry where 95% of all the people will buy your product – and they’ll buy 12 vehicles in their lifetime.

You can earn $300 to $1,000+ usually in 2 or 3 hours. 3 hours, at $300 per sale, is $100 an hour. On a $1,000 sale, that’s $330 an hour.

At that hourly rate, would someone have to push and threaten you to learn more about automobile selling, follow up and prospecting to put even more & better customers in front of you every day?

3,555 salespeople surveyed told us they only got 7 hours of education on selling, and only ‘work’ 3 hours of an average 9 hour day in the dealership.

Here’s a thought…if you want to earn more, learn more and work more.



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