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No Need For Aggressive Sales Style

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel…”

“I would like to thank Joe Verde and his team for giving me the tools to enjoy ‘lightning success’ on the sales floor.

I retired from the military after 20 years as a US Navy SEAL Platoon Chief. I attended culinary school and became a Chef. My oldest boys were entering college and I needed to make six figures, so I switched career paths and sold cars in the Phoenix market using the sales training techniques of one of your online competitors.

I was very successful, but I didn’t care for the aggressive sales style our customers were forced to endure. The philosophy was more about just selling a car and not building a relationship with the customer that would bring the kind of repeat business every dealership looks for.

We recently moved to South Dakota to allow my youngest son to complete a Mechanical Engineering degree.  That’s when I found my current dealership and the fantastic training from Joe Verde! There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Do what the Joe Verde Training System teaches and you will be successful. Trust it. It works. Thanks, Joe.”

– Bob Purtell, Sales Consultant, Rushmore Honda, Rapid City, SD