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On Track For $100,000 In The First Year Selling Cars With JVTN

“From High School to tracking $100,000 my first year selling cars!”

“Joe – I was 3 months out of High School when I was introduced to the car Business and I was lucky to land at a great dealership that provides great training and the support from Management that will take me to the top.

When I started, they introduced me to JVTN® and gave me a requirement to complete 6 chapters of your training every week. I quickly learned how to get a customer to like me, build value in the car and the dealership – and to buy a car from me. I was sold on your processes from Day 1 and believed that if I never skipped steps, I would become a success!

I studied what you taught, I PDR’d my scripts and your process daily (practiced, drilled, rehearsed). My Manager also gave me your Go To Work To Work audio and I’ve listened to it every morning since I started. It really keeps me focused and fuels the belief that customers are here to buy a car from me now.

My first month I sold 21, my current 90-day average is 24, and this month I sold 26.5 for another best month ever record for myself.

Joe, thanks to you and your training I have been the top salesperson since my first month and I am already on track to earn $100,000 my very first year. While many of my friends are in school and racking up debt in student loans, I am on a fast track for making my dreams come true.

Joe, thanks for a true life direction and for providing the means to an unbelievable career with tremendous rewards!”

–Nick Gioeli, Salesperson, New York


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