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On Track To Make $100,000

“From 14 units to 25 after JVTN®”

“Joe, I have been selling cars for 10 years. My first 8 years I was up to a 14 car average and was making about $40,000 a year. Not bad, but I wanted more so I started training on JVTN® in the beginning of my ninth year, and after taking the courses I was sold. I began implementing the process and recently had my biggest month ever and set a store record with 34 units! My current average is 25 now and I am on track for $100,000! The best part is I am still learning and growing daily as I continue my training on JVTN®. Thanks for a great process that works and helping me get to the next level!”

-Prentiss, Salesperson, Toyota, WI

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