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Only Have A Few Minutes…

“What do you do when people tell you
that they only have a few minutes?”

First, understand that this is usually just a ‘reflex’ objection like, “We’re just looking,” and it’s easy to handle.

Most salespeople mess this up before they even start though, because they challenge the objection and lose the sale.

The first rule with all objections is to respond positively. When they object, just respond with ‘great’ or ‘no big deal’ and then move the conversation along.

“We’re in a hurry and just want to look around for a few minutes.”

“Great, maybe I can answer a few questions while you guys are here, and grab you a brochure before you leave.”

You won’t get resistance by agreeing, so pause, then move into your investigation and rapport steps with questions…

“When you do get a little closer, who’s the lucky one, who gets the new car this time Betty – you or Bob?” [Betty]

“And will you be looking for something pretty basic or with more equipment?”

You’re being nice, they feel like they’re off the hook about buying, so now just continue with my steps to the sale.


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 Have a great month! – Joe

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“Before getting into the car business, I worked for 17 years making $17,000 a year. Thanks to my manager and JVTN®, my life has forever changed.

My first month, I sold 21 units and made $13,000. In my next 3 months, I averaged 20 units and took home over $12,000 per month. My best month so far, I sold 23 and made $15,000.

In just my first couple months selling cars, I made more than my previous 2 years combined. I come to work to work, I follow all of Joe’s steps to the sale, I never talk price and my customers love me.

Joe, thanks for the secret to my success and a clear plan I can recognize, duplicate and master for continued success!”

– Jolynn Peshek, Salesperson, Whiteside of St. Clairsville, OH