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Preparation is 85% of Success…

Your Daily Dozen Checklist

  1. Leave your problems at the curb. Stuff happens, to everyone, but you have to leave it at the curb or you won’t sell and make money, and then everything gets worse.
  2. Do your “Good Morning” walk through the dealership. Get to work half an hour before your shift and say “hello” to everyone in every department.
  3. Walk the lot immediately. Your inventory changes every day (or at least it moves around a lot) and to make more sales, you have to know what you have and where it’s parked.
  4. Check your appointments for the day and any other “To Do’s” or priorities you needed to get done today.
  5. Review your goals, all of them. The quickest way to get what you want is to have a goal and work your plan. Goals get you there quick, even quicker if you review them daily!
  6. Next, go through your CRM or MPG. Check every call back for today, then look through every contact for the sold customers or prospects you also need to call today.
  7. Call every working prospect. Always keep your “To Call Today” prospect’s info with you and then if someone else is in your office, you’ll still be able to call them.
  8. Contact your sold customers (your ‘Gold Mine’). Call, text, or email each customer every 90 days. Make 10 contacts a day x 25 working days, that’s 250 a month. Tip: Ask questions. Get to know them, so you can talk about kids, sports, etc., not the car, and learn our referral script.
  9. Prospect – call or talk to at least 5 new warm prospects in person. No cold calls. Call orphan owners, service customers, referrals, friends, etc. Keep your pipeline full of contacts, you’ll always have sales working, and you’ll always sell cars.
  10. Track everything you do each day. How many calls and actual contacts, appointments made, shows, how many walk ins, demos, write ups, deliveries, commission, bonuses, etc. (Use your MPG or WPG, this takes seconds).
  11. “Go To Work To Work!” Do something every minute of your day that has to do with selling a car NOW (with a customer) or at some point in the future (prospecting, follow up, learning more, etc). You go to work to earn a living, so use your time effectively.
  12. Stay away from negative salespeople before it rubs off on you! Negative attitudes are like the flu, and if you catch one, it will cost you a ton, maybe even a career.
  13. Write this down & carry it, or set a reminder to read it often. “Am I doing the most productive thing possible right now?


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