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Promises – Promises

Want to end up with ‘heat’ from a customer? About the quickest way to do that is to promise them something you can’t guarantee.
I know it sounds crazy, but if you say you’re going to do something, customers actually expect it. Telling them later, “I thought they’d put new tires on it, but they won’t,” doesn’t help.
Or on getting into Finance…
One of the biggest problems with a customer’s objection to the time it takes to get into and out of Finance comes from ‘how’ you present it.
If you know it’ll be an hour but say, it’ll only be a few minutes, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. Why? Because it’ll only be a few minutes, turns into it’ll just be a few more minutes, and then into it won’t be long now.
By the time they get into Finance, they’re so upset that Finance can’t sell them anything. Plus that great job of selling you did is history in their minds and your CSI will definitely take a hit.
Instead say, “There are a couple people ahead of us, so let’s start taking things out of your trade,” or take them to lunch or start your delivery process.
But like implying they might replace tires on a used car – once you say, “It’ll just be a few minutes,” that’s what they expect.