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Quick Reminders on How To Sell More Every Month

Summer is here and people are out buying, so here are some quick reminders that make a difference every day in sales.

They aren’t in any particular order, just highlight the ones you want to focus on. Then do a search on JVTN® and ‘like’ that chapter or course for easy review.

Great Question: “Is this for a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, something like that or are you just rewarding yourself?”

Turn buying this new or used vehicle into a ‘reward’ or ‘present’, and they’ll fight harder to squeeze it into their budget so they can take it home.

Women buy more vehicles than men. Over 50% of the vehicles are sold to women, and women affect the sale 95% of the time. (If you aren’t sure about the 95%, ask your wife.) Even when the vehicle is for him, find out what’s important to her when she’s driving, and make sure you focus your demo and presentation to her on her specific targeted features and benefits.

Learn to prospect and retain sold customers, especially women, for future business. They hate having to deal with the ‘Average Joe’ salesperson, and would love to have a salesperson they feel comfortable working with in the future, too.

No alone time. Never leave customers alone unless you absolutely have to, especially after you head inside to work the deal. You can spend hours talking them ‘into’ the deal, but it only takes seconds for them to talk themselves ‘out’ of one.

That’s why Step #8 in our selling process is called the Wrap Up. This is when you get all of the information on the vehicle they’re buying and all of the info on their trade.

The ‘selling’ section of our WPG (Weekly Pocket Guide) is specifically designed to do two things: To help you gather all of the info you need to speed up the process and to eliminate any need to leave them alone. Even better – every entry you make in the WPG is a ‘mini’ Order Form Close.

If you’ve never seen our WPG, get a free sample at and you’ll see how easy it is to get customer info when they don’t buy so you can follow up, and how easy it is to close the sale just by filling in the blanks.

Do all your friends know what you do and where you work? Do you remind ALL of them? How many times have you pulled into your own neighborhood and seen a new vehicle two houses down? It’s even worse when it’s from your own dealership. Ouch! – that hurts when they say, “Oh Joe, I’m so sorry, I forgot that you sold cars.”

“The payment is too much!” When you’re down to the wire in the negotiation and you hear this, find out how much too much it is. Then separate the payment from the amount that’s too much, and only focus on that smaller number.

Why? Because if the payment should be $500 and they say they can only afford $460, you don’t need to talk about $500, you need to focus on just the $40 you need. Review this on JVTN®, and then use the ‘reduction to the ridiculous’ on the $40. It’s so much easier to talk to them about the payment being just a little over $1 a day too much and then pointing out that the only thing standing between them and their new car is simply skipping a couple cups of coffee each week.

Logic – When closing, give them some logic to help them make a decision to buy. “Bob, I know it’s a little more than you meant to spend, but you aren’t just getting a pretty red convertible with a great stereo, you’re also getting a safe, economical, dependable car that will give you mile after mile of trouble free driving.” (And close again.)

Practice & make selling fun!


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