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I got an email from someone who justified not using what I cover.

Why? He counted the times I used the word most.

(I also get grief about using run-on sentences, and now and then I get a hit on my grammar – go figure.)

I use ‘most’ so often because most means more than 50% or I use it to save space when it’s common sense.

Examples of ‘most’…

  • Most salespeople haven’t had any training on the selling process. (80%+)
  • Most salespeople only know one closing question & only ask one time. (75%)
  • Most customers care more about budget than price because they make payments (94%), but most salespeople (about 90%) spend a career selling price.
  • Most salespeople only earn average wages because of their lack of skills and poor work habits. (80%)
  • Most salespeople (75%) who attend our classes see an immediate improvement of 20+% in units and 30-40% in gross. Many double sales overnight.
  • Most salespeople (75%) never ask their dealers to let them attend our classes, even though most (59%) said they got into sales because of the unlimited income potential. You can also download my free sales books or keep reading my blog for more sales ideas and success stories at


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