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Sell More When The Main Thing Stays The Main Thing

Isn’t it great when you’re on a roll and having that great day, great week or great month? When you’re ‘on’, doesn’t everything you do or say just seem to come out right?

What makes that happen?

When you’re selling cars, making money and talking to prospects all day, your mind slips into automatic and you become a selling machine and selling becomes a no-brainer.

Once you slip into this mode, you don’t even have to think about what you’re saying to that next prospect, it just comes out right because you’re excited and focused on selling more cars.

That’s why you’ve always heard…

“The best time to sell something is right after you sold the last one.”

It’s important to buy into that point 100% and live by it, because your enthusiasm and that higher level of selling dims the moment you take your mind off the prize – which is to help customers buy cars, so you can sell cars, have fun, and make money.

To lose that edge fast, just hang around the sales office to talk about the deal, call home and let everyone know what a great job you did, grab some coffee, and call a meeting on the used car lot to tell the other salespeople about your great success.

Even if you’re pumped because your team won the game, or learned about a great fishing spot Bill found, or how good your kids are doing in school, or about the great soccer field somebody told you about, you change gears and stop focusing on selling and…

Within minutes, you lose that edge you had.

When your next prospect shows up, you aren’t on sales autopilot anymore.

You aren’t primed and focused on selling and you don’t even still have that big internal grin on your face from doing such a great job on the last sale.

At least you’re primed for any question about baseball, or a question from the next customer about a great fishing spot at the river, or about a great soccer field. But you’re not focused on ‘selling’. Remember…

Keep the main thing, the main thing.

Pay attention after your next sale. When you change your focus, you can actually feel the rush fading away.

* Free Oxygen *

It’s too bad the lunch truck only offers bad food, not oxygen. That’s the stuff that keeps your mind sharp.

There’s ‘no free lunch’ or free extra oxygen there, but you can do what I did every time I felt that ‘lag’ setting in, especially if I had an appointment coming in or a bunch of calls to make.

Most of our cars were out back, so I’d just slow run to the inventory with a pad of paper in my hand and everyone assumed I was checking on a car.

In real life, I was making my heart beat fast enough to get me ready for my appointment, or those calls.


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