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Sell More – 85% Are There To Buy

You know that vehicle you really like? Do you remember the first few times you drove it?

Remember how excited you were when you were talking about it with your customers?

It’s time to drive all your cars again and light up your enthusiasm and excitement on each model so you can transfer your excitement to your customers; that’s when the sale is made.

Listen carefully to understand their ‘wants’ and ‘needs’, demo everyone, and pour on the hot sauce when you cover those features they said were most important to them.

Leave out the other stuff, because those other features aren’t most important to them. Everyone only cares about their handful of features, so put a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and share your genuine enthusiasm on every feature you cover they said that they need or want.

The demo is a critical step because it’s where people take ‘mental ownership’ of the vehicle. Just find out what they want, light up those features in your demo and presentation, and start closing in Step 6 at your Landmark.

85% specifically came to buy, so help them make it happen!


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