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Set to make $150K for 2018…

Joe – only 5 months in the car business and I’m on track for 150K this year!”

“Joe – before getting in the car business I spent 5 years in security, working a lot of hours and not making a lot of money. In my first 5 months of selling cars I’ve already made way more than my full salary of last year. But I was lucky to get into a store that provided the best training out there…your online training on JVTN®.

So many times, I hear other salespeople saying that training is a good suggestion or something to try. Joe, your training works 100%, but just ‘trying it’ doesn’t work, it takes a commitment to improve. Since day 1 of starting at the dealership I have been training, practicing, and honing my skills consistently on JVTN®.

I watch 6 chapters a day to keep myself believing that the customer is here to buy from me right now. I believe they’re all buyers, just waiting for a professional to lead them through your new buying process.

In the last 3 months I sold 45 units and was the top salesperson all 3 months. I was already able to get a Bayliner boat which has been a dream of mine for awhile now. My next goal is to get a new house.  And I know I will get it, by following the path to success that you blazed and share in your training.

Ongoing training is ongoing, and training daily is the key. I’m so thankful to my dealer and dealership for giving me access to the only tool that will keep me growing year after year! Thanks, Joe!”

–Raymond Wong, Salesperson, British Columbia