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Slow Down & You’ll Sell More

Of course you want to get the sale done quick – and of course, so does your customer.

But remember, if they don’t see the value, they don’t buy and…

Value doesn’t come fast and value doesn’t come cheap!

There are two quick ways to destroy a sale or make it way tougher than it needs to be. Pick either one…

  • Bring price into the process…Ask what did you want to spend, how much down, where do you want to keep your payments, what do you want for your trade, etc. – or –
  • Ask a bad question that forces price into the conversation like, “What do we have to do to sell you a car today?”

Likely response: “Make us a good deal.”

What’s the problem? What’s wrong with that? That’s pretty easy…

A good deal is a feeling – not a number.

A good deal is based on the value we place on something versus what we have to pay for that product.

But in both examples above, you took the focus from value, from their hot buttons, and their emotions – all of which create the basis of a good feeling / good deal – and refocused their decision to purchase to price instead.

It’s not that hard to move the conversation away from price when they walk on the lot and ask you, “Are you dealing,” or when they barrage you with those price, down, payment, rebate, discount, etc. questions.

But when you ask them, “What do we have to do to sell it to you today,” or you say, “We’re dealing,” or tell them, “Don’t worry about the price, we’re flexible”…good luck, you’ll need it.

Now you’ll have a tough time ever making them feel like they’re getting a good deal, because you’ve made it a price decision, not a value based feeling.

Remember these key facts…

  • 71% said they bought because they liked their salesperson – and 71% said they won’t, if they don’t.
  • 99% don’t buy without a demo, because it’s the highest emotional point in the selling process. No discussion…

 No Demo = No Sale

Closing Ratios vs. Time Spent 6% – Spend less than 60 minutes with a customer – you’ll deliver 6 out of 100.

31% – Spend 72 minutes with them and you’ll deliver 31 out of 100.

57% – Spend more than 100 minutes on the lot following the steps to the sale and you’ll deliver 57 out of 100.

It takes time to help them feel comfortable working with you, you’ll have more time to find out who, what, when and why they’re buying, and more time to do a good demo and presentation to target their hot buttons, and more time for a closing process that will help you deliver a vehicle more than 50% of the time.

Stop worrying so much about getting done fast, and just focus on getting it done right. If you will, you’ll sell more cars to happier customers.

Slow down – you’ll sell more!


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