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Smoking Is Bad For Your Income

A friend wanted a Toyota and went to her closest dealership.

Who could ask for anything more – a qualified buyer is headed out to buy a new car!

But she didn’t buy the Toyota. She wanted it, and she said the salesperson was nice and everything was fine, but he smelled like an ashtray.

She didn’t want to offend him by asking him to stand down wind for a minute to air out. She just said she couldn’t take it, so she told me she made up an excuse and left.

His smoke break cost him $300-$500 in commission – because on her way home, she stopped at a Honda dealership and bought a Honda instead.

The same thing happened to me one time. A customer told me that my smoking bothered her and then she left (along with my commission).

Once I really realized it was costing me sales, I kicked the habit.

Even if you don’t smoke around customers, those smoke breaks stay with you a long time and cost you a ton.

Since 8 of 10 of your prospects don’t smoke, you run a real risk of losing sales every day over a lousy cigarette.

It just didn’t make sense to go to work to earn money,
and then watch it go up in a puff of smoke.


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