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Stuck in a rut…

“Until I started training on JVTN® I’d been stuck
in the 10 car rut for the last 4 years.”

“We had JVTN® and my manager challenged me to start taking your courses by watching a minimum of 1 chapter a day every day. I accepted his challenge, and the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm your trainers had everyday set me up for success. My attitude changed and I started believing everyone was here to buy a car from me right now.

I started mastering the sold line close, started getting many more yeses (minor commitments) to build way more value, and started asking for the sale at least 5 times with every customer.

It worked and now I’m averaging 15 a month with better gross, my customers are way happier, and are so much easier to close as well.

Thanks Joe, for setting me on the path for continued success in the car business.”

Josh Noll, Salesperson, IL


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