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Success In Sales Or Anything Else Is A DIY (Do It Yourself) Project

“What do I have to do to sell a lot of cars
and make a lot of money?

We get different versions of this question all of the time, and the answer is pretty self-explanatory.

The problem is that most people don’t like the answer. They ask how to improve, but don’t want to have to change anything they’re doing.

We’ve all heard this 100 times…

“No Change – No Gain”


“If you keep doing what you’re doing,
you keep getting what you’re getting.”

What most are wishfully asking is…

“How can I get more money without having
to do anything differently?”

If you’re really serious about growth, improvement and more success, just remember this other saying…

“If it is to be – it’s up to me.”

Ellis got lucky when he started selling cars, because his dealership provides our training. If they hadn’t, his story would have been more like my first 5 years. I was a hard worker, too, but hard work alone won’t get you there. You need an education and skills.

How to turn pro and earn big bucks…

Hope for the best, and plan for reality.

I couldn’t agree more, that it would be great if your dealership had trained you from day one and every day after that.

And yep, it would be awesome if your managers worked with you to keep improving your skills and kept pushing you to succeed, day after day.

I know your managers really do want you to succeed, but never hold your breath in hopes that someone else will save you in sales, because those odds are worse than hitting a Super Lotto jackpot.

You’re in a great profession where you can learn how to control your income, and there’s no ceiling on your success. How far you go in sales depends on you and your goals – not on what someone else will or won’t help you do.

So get on board 110% and do what it takes to become more successful in sales. Stop here and write one long sentence on what you really want to accomplish. It’s important, because when you have a goal, you start seeing more ways to get you there.


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