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Success Is Made In The Details

Like the fine print in big ads, salespeople never understand the big bucks in sales are in the finer details.

They learn about their product, they develop basic skills, win the walk around contest, they’re nice, and they like cars and love talking to people.

They’re doing their best, but they reach a certain level and get stuck.

We’ve convinced ourselves that we’re doing all we can to sell more, so when we do get stuck, we have to find the culprits to justify why we got stuck.

Lately, the weather, fires and floods have been on the list, which definitely will affect the traffic on your lot.

But no matter what level salespeople reach, few understand that to become more successful, you have to improve the details, that’s where the money is.

In golf, everybody can learn how to hit the big stick (driver) kinda down the middle. But the closer you get to the pin, the details in grip, position, breathing, and stroke are critical.

In golf, the game is won or lost in the last 10 yards, not in the first 450. Watch any pro, the closer they get to the cup, the more time they spend planning and executing their shots.

If you’re already selling 20 now from taking floor traffic, there’s no question about it, you have skills, you work hard, and you’re good.

If you want to get to 30 or more consistently though, it won’t come from more floor traffic because it’s too erratic, so you’ll have to up your game.

If you want those extra 10 units, you’ll have to improve even more in the skills and processes it takes to make the sale, and you’ll need to build your repeat and referral business.

Selling 30 is way easier than hustling to sell 15 or 20 from floor traffic. Make the switch, you’ll like it.


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