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A lot of people in sales do everything but what they need to do to sell more cars and earn more money.

They’re happy, they love their job, they love the dealership, they love their customers and they may even put in double shifts every day.

The problem is they haven’t learned to sell, and there aren’t enough people who will just buy on their own for them to deliver many more than 8 or 10 units each month.

Here are a dozen things you may be very good at and still not sell a lot.

Circle each one that describes you…

  1. I love cars and the business
  2. I have tons of product knowledge
  3. I have a great attitude
  4. I have a professional appearance
  5. I’m outgoing, personable & friendly
  6. I love talking on the telephone
  7. I know my inventory
  8. I am a goal setter
  9. I am extremely organized
  10. I come to work to work
  11. I care about my customers
  12. I am a team player

With all these great attributes, product information and abilities, stay tuned for more blog posts to get you to 10+ units every month…


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