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They Just Closed Themselves

“They closed themselves!”

“My name is Doug Henke and I have a story to share…

I had a couple come in with their college bound daughter, who would be driving some 400 miles to college soon. They wanted a safe car, and one with few bells and whistles. I used the selling skills I learned on JVTN® to target my investigation to land them in a 2014 Chevy Impala. I built rapport and we were off on the demo drive. The daughter was driving and the couple was sitting in the back seat. As we approached the Landmark, the funniest thing happened. As I opened my mouth to speak, the couple in the backseat began to do my job! One said, “Doesn’t this car drive nice”? And then “You feel safe, in this car don’t you?” and, “It is your favorite color, isn’t it”? And so I shut my mouth, and then finally, “Can we pull this up to where no one else will be able to buy it”? Seriously, it was the easiest close I ever did! They closed themselves. JVTN® taught me to close from the greeting and Joe – thanks for letting me toot my horn! You have made the Selling Process a Selling Success!”

-Doug Henke, Sales Consultant, Lake Chevrolet, Devils Lake, ND

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