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Turn Info Into Skills

A few years ago, I wanted to play golf. I bought clubs and videos on how to do everything from drive to putt.

I watched every video and learned what I needed to do to become a good golfer.

Quick question on that – how many skills did I develop watching those videos?

Right – Zero. All I got was information on the skills I’d need to be a good golfer. What’s next? Right again, practice, practice and more practice to develop skills.

Improving in sales is no different. If you only watch our training on JVTN®, attend a class or read the newsletter – but don’t practice – you aren’t improving your skills, you’re just gaining knowledge. Whether it’s selling cars or playing golf, if you want to get good, practice has to be 50%-75% of your plan.

I used to work with a semi-pro wannabe golfer. He played 3 times a week,spent his off time practicing and was always talking about his swing or when he’d play next. He was a great golfer, but just an average salesperson.

He was usually disappointed with his sales every month. But he got stuck at average in sales because he didn’t work on his ‘selling’ skills (his profession) that controlled his income, like he did his ‘golf’ skills (his hobby) that controlled his score.


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