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Units & Gross Are Up!

Units And Gross Up By Training on JVTN®

“When I got in the car business 6 years ago, my manager had me watch Joe Verde over and over for the first week. I came out of the gates hungry and ready to apply what I learned. By my second month I was top salesperson, that continued for 3 more months and then I was promoted to finance manager. Recently I took over training our new salespeople, we have daily meetings with JVTN® and they also train on their own. In July, they were averaging 8 units/month with $760 front end gross, now 90 days later they are up to 12 units and grosses are up to $1,300! Joe Verde’s training gave me my start in the business and I know I wouldn’t be this successful without it, so thank you Joe!”

-Andy Beam, Finance Director, Brookfield Chrysler Dodge, Benton Harbor, MI