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Went From $17,000 a YEAR to $15,000 a MONTH with Joe Verde!

From $17,000 a YEAR to $15,000 a MONTH with Joe Verde

“Joe, before getting into the car business, I worked for 17 years making $17,000 a year. Thanks to the vision and dedication of my manager and JVTN®, my life has been forever changed. My first month, I sold 21 units and made $13,000. In my next 3 months, I averaged 20 units and took home over $12,000 per month. My best month so far I sold 23 and made $15,000.

In just my first couple months selling cars, I made more than my previous 2 years combined. I was salesperson of the month for those 3 months as well. I came to work to work, I follow all of the steps of Joe’s New Basics, and I never talk price and my customers love me.

Joe, thanks for the secret to my success and a clear plan I can recognize, duplicate and master for continued future success!”

-Jolynn Peshek, Salesperson, Whiteside of St Clairsville, OH