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We’re Almost Into Q2!

We’re well into 2011, and you should be putting the pedal to the metal to make it happen
this year.
The recession is behind us, and if you don’t grow this year, you can’t use that excuse.
The car business is coming back fast, people are out buying again and you have the chance to take the lead in your market. Why? Because most salespeople are still asleep at the wheel, and so are their dealerships.
Many dealerships are still more focused on running price ads than building their business, and most salespeople are still pre-qualifying to make sure their prospect isn’t the 1 in 10 on unemployment, and isn’t stuck in their trade.
Plus, most salespeople will wait until the weekends to sell, and the end of the month to get serious, and the end of the year to pull it all together.
Don’t wait – start now. We’re almost into the 2nd quarter already and it’s past time to get yourself in gear.
If you’re focused on making over $100k this year, you should set your goals, write your plans, create your follow-up system, put your daily training plan in place, and then ‘go to work to work’ every single day – you’ll make 2011 your best year ever.
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