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What 5 Questions Do You Ask To Find The Next Buyer?

First – 3 quick reminders for you…

1. Most families have an average of 3 vehicles now.
2. 95% of the people in the family will buy another vehicle at some point.
3. 1 & 2 mean there is someone in the family who is next in line to buy a car.

Your goal: Find that next buyer!

And that’s so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. You will easily find that next buyer by asking these next 5 questions.

This isn’t a script – just questions you can ask anyone to find that next buyer in their family (or circle of friends) who is either ready to buy right now or at some point in the future.

1. How many drivers are in your family?
2. How many vehicles do you guys have?
3. Of the drivers in your family, who’s next in line for a new or used vehicle?
4. Oh really, will that be pretty soon or down the road?
5. When you / they get a little closer, are you / they leaning toward new or pre-owned?

Remember the goal with these questions isn’t to sell a car. Your goal is to find the next buyer and you do that by the 3rd question. Questions 4 and 5 are to clarify when they’ll be ready and what they’re looking for – new or used.

Is there more to it than just those five questions? Sure. You need to respond to 4 & 5 correctly – and you need to learn how to work them into the conversation. But there’s nothing difficult at all about prospecting to find a buyer.

Sure, there’s more to learn, but if you’ll practice them 10 times with someone, you can start using them 30 minutes from now. And if you make prospecting a daily activity, you’ll keep your pipeline of prospects so full you’ll never need to wait and hope for another ‘Up’.

How do you work these
questions into a conversation?

That’s easy, too. Let’s look at a quick example with a previous customer. If you’re on JVTN®, take the follow-up and prospecting course to start building your business.

Previous Customers.

Make your normal 90-day contact.

Hi Betty – it’s Joe at ABC Motors – did I catch you at a good time? (Sure)

Great, I know you guys love old cars and wanted to remind you of our Antique Car Show on the 4th and 5th.

(Visit & rekindle your rapport by talking about things you discussed in the past; soccer, camping, work, etc.)

Now update your records: Betty, while I have you on the phone, let me update my records real quick – are you still at 25 Oak? (Yes) Email the same? (Yes)

1. How many drivers now, still 3? (Yes)
2. Still the same 3 vehicles? (Yes)
3. So who’s next to get a car, is that still Bobby Jr? (Yes)
4. Pretty soon or down the road? (Next month, we said we’d get him one then.)
5. I’ll bet he’s excited, is he leaning toward new or used? (Used, and lucky to even get that right now.)

Clarify: Are you guys looking for something with low miles, in good shape, at a good price, or … ?” (Of course.)

Explain: The reason I ask is those vehicles are in such demand, they hardly ever make it up front. I’ll keep my eyes open and give you a call if one comes in so you can come in and look, if that’s OK? (Yes, please do.)

Easy to learn & very effective – it just takes practice. Practice today & call 5 friendly customers tomorrow – learn how to call & visit with a plan!


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