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“What Can I Earn?”

You’ll earn what you’re worth.

I said that the other day and a guy said, “That’s a cop-out answer.”

Not really, if you’re working on commission, or even if you’re on a salary of some kind, there’s always that volume or gross bonus.

Whether you’re in management, sales, service, BDC
or any other department; when you become worth more
to your dealer, you’ll earn more money.

To answer your question; you really can earn as much as you want to earn.

I had dinner last week with a super salesman who made $13,000 his first month 30 years ago, selling cars. Then he was the 40+ car guy selling high-line, and his best year ‘selling’ in F&I, he earned over $600,000. I’m impressed.

Start here…

Average salespeople earn about $40,000 for selling 8 to 12 units per month.

The sky is the limit from there. Some is just math. If you average 10 units and make $40K, sell 20 and you’ll earn $80,000 plus any bonuses, etc. Sell 40 and you’re into the $150K to $250K range, depending on products, etc.

Just keep learning more and continually improving, and you’ll always keep selling more and earning more.


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