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What Can You Learn From Average People?

What is the only thing average salespeople can teach you about selling cars? If you listen to the huddle, you’ll spend your career huddled around average or below especially in tough like we’ve had the last few years.

Every day you don’t use your potential in sales is a day of your working life down the drain. And the longer you put off developing your skills and work habits, the less income and security you’ll provide for you and your family.

Even though I was aware that I could sell more, I spent my first five years stuck at 8 to keep my huddle membership active. I couldn’t grow because I wasn’t willing to walk away from the average and below average group.

Since the day I finally sat down and really read my first book on selling and success almost 40 years ago, I stopped living my life to keep average people happy. I went to work with just one purpose: sell cars and make money.

In these last 40 years, I’ve increased my personal income every year but two. Once I decided to become successful, I had 38 record years out of 40, and so can you. But you have to do what I did and really read that first book, or really dig into that first course on JVTN®.

It’s time to make a decision about your career – it’s really important.

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