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“Wins” Build Confidence – “Losses” Create Doubt

When you set goals, do you blow smoke to impress the crowd, or set realistic sales and income goals you know you can hit?

1) Using 8 units as a base, which type of goal is most like those you set

a.“I’m at 8 and I’m pumped, so I’m gonna try for 20 this month.” – or –

b. “I’m at 8 and committed to improv­ing my current average (90-day average) by 1 unit every month this year.”

2) Which is most likely to fail? (a or b above)

3) Which goal can you actually plan for and hit? (a or b above)

4) Which goal is the easiest to adapt and adjust, so you can keep improv­ing? (a or b above)

5) 8 sales per month = 96 per year. At 1 unit improvement per month, if you picked ‘b’ above, what would be your current average in 12 months? Is it 12? 14? Or 19?

Could you increase your average by 1 unit per month if you got serious and developed better selling skills? Of course. Can some of you do even better? Sure you can.

Just start setting goals that work for YOU, then make a plan and do it!


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