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0 to 20 in 90 days!

Congratulations To Chris!

“I was brand new when I attended your sales workshop and started training on JVTN® at the same time.

I was lucky to choose a dealership that values training and has a management team that fully supports it.

Since day one, I dove into the courses in your online training. I believed that every chapter I took would put money in my pocket right now and it has.

I went through your Core 4 first and continued to review and practice everything many more times after that.

Joe, your new basics just made sense,
follow the 8 steps and be a success.

Sometimes I also need to watch something on JVTN® to eliminate all of the negativity coming at me from the news, radio and other people.

Thanks to your training, I’m having fun, my customers are having fun and most importantly – they are buying.

My first full month I sold 10, my 2nd month I sold 17, and I’m on pace to finish this month over 20, and I’ll continue to train on JVTN® every day.

Selling cars truly is one of the greatest businesses on the planet! Thanks Joe!”

–Chris Mongntagna, Salesperson, Scranton Dodge Chrysler, Pennsylvania