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10 Critical Skills Every Automotive Sales Manager Needs

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. announced the release of a new eBook titled 10 Critical Skills Every Automotive Sales Manager Needs.” It is one of a planned series from Verde that provides invaluable data and advice in a quick, easy-to-read format.

Commenting on the new eBook, Joe Verde stated: “Your competition is never the dealership down the street. The only competition you have is the untrained, unmanaged salesperson that your customer will talk to at the other dealership. What that really means is that your managers are competing as the trainers, coaches and managers of your sales team against the management staff at the dealership down the street. When your managers develop and improve in the Critical Management Skills this eBook covers, you’ll always win against the competition hands-down when it comes to sales, profits, and growth every year. They won’t even know what hit them!”

Copies of “10 Critical Skills Every Automotive Sales Manager Needs” was available for dealers at the 2015 NADA Convention & Exposition. It can also be download at:

Famous for being the 8-car guy who became the 38-car sales professional,Verde is the author of five other popular books for dealers, managers and salespeople. He is a highly sought-after and dynamic Leadership, Management and Sales Training figure in the automotive industry and the innovator of virtual automotive sales training. In 2005, he created the Joe Verde Training Network®, one of the first online training venues for auto dealers. JVTN® introduces new courses regularly and dealers, managers and salespeople have taken over 10 million chapters of Verde’s sales training to help sell more units, at higher profits, in today’s market.

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., helps auto dealerships throughout North America dramatically increase their sales and for the past 30 years has become increasingly well known for producing results. From complete workshop, online and in-house training programs; to training materials on Leadership, Sales Management, Professional Selling, Closing and Negotiation; the company coaches sales and management teams to greater success, increased sales and profits, year after year.

To learn about Joe Verde workshops and training products, or to request a free copy of “10 Critical Skills Every Automotive Sales Manager Needs,” or any of Verde’s books, visit: or call (800) 445-6217. To learn about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training courses online or to request a free demonstration, visit