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2 Tips To Sell More Cars

1. Well Informed Customers

When customers walk on the lot with a printout from the internet in one hand and a How to Buy Cars book in the other hand, to have a chance at making a sale, should you…

A. Escape. Turn them to one of the new salespeople.

B. Escape professionally – introduce yourself, tell them you’re with someone and that you’ll get another salesperson to help them. Then turn them to the new guy and hope he sells it, so you can try to weasel in on half a deal.

C. Approach the customer with a spring in your step and a smile on your face, introduce yourself and before they’ve had a chance to say they know everything and are just shopping for the best price, completely disarm them with…

“It looks like you guys came prepared, it sure is nice to talk to someone who has done their homework. Come on in and we’ll grab a cup of coffee and talk about the car you’re looking for. Oh, by the way, who’s the lucky one Bob – who gets the new car this time, you or Betty?”

Then just keep following the steps to the sale. Continue with the Warm Up Phase, move to the Value Building Phase and straight into the Closing Phase of the Basic Steps Of Selling.

2. Feature – Advantage – Benefit – Confirmation

You need two tons of product knowledge, but most salespeople don’t understand the difference between telling customers everything they know about the vehicle (features) and building value with feature – advantage – benefit selling.

If you just rattle off features, too often you’re just increasing the cost without raising the value.

Assume the prospect takes trips regularly and is concerned about gas mileage and comfort. Now do something no other salesperson has done … instead of just saying, “It has cruise control, etc.,” explain the feature, advantages and benefits of cruise control. “Bob, most people don’t realize how valuable cruise control is when it comes to lowering your fuel costs.”

(Feature) “(Our Manufacturer) knows how important economy is to customers today and designed a fully adjustable, (adaptive), multi-function speed control system with memory.”

(Advantage) “Using it on those long drives not only helps you maintain a constant speed – it keeps you a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and begins braking in an emergency.”

(Benefit) “Our cruise control not only increases your gas mileage, you’ll be more comfortable on those trips – and best of all, you can set it and almost forget it because it automatically keeps pace with the vehicle in front of you and will speed you up or slow you down as needed.

(Confirm) the benefits with a tie-down question… “And economy and comfort are important, aren’t they?” Yes, they are.


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