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200 units in 8 months…

“From ‘service’ to ‘sales’ with 200 units
my first 8 months.”

“Joe, I’ve been in the car business for over 24 years and recently made the switch from the service side to the sales side. I knew a lot about cars, but selling them was a whole different process and I was lucky that my dealership subscribes to your online training.

I started training on JVTN® right away, quickly completed the first course, ‘How To Sell More Cars’, and I was hooked. After that course I had a process I could follow that I knew was tested and proven to work, and would lead me to success.

I have always been competitive in everything I have done and selling cars is no different, so I play to win! I sold 14 cars my first month, my best month was 28 and now in my 8th month, I’ve already sold 200 cars and I’m definitely on track to make $100,000+ my first year.  

I love my job more than anything, my customers love me, and I always do my best with every one of them – because it’s that important. 

Thank you for the best sales process that gives me the online training tools I need to keep setting the bar higher and continually passing it and heading to the next level.”

– Todd Annett, Salesperson, ON