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2019 Is Here…What will you do different?

It’s a brand New Year and that means it’s time to get out of your rut and sell more!

How long have you been selling the same number of units and earning about what you earned last year?

If you’re like most salespeople who’ve been selling for a while – the answer is probably close to this…

Last year, I sold just a few more or just a few less than I usually sell.

You and I are in one of the few professions where we can control our success and our incomes. Anytime we decide we want to earn more, we just have to look at SHAC.

To sell and earn more we just need to improve our Skills, our daily work Habits, our Attitude and the type of Customers we focus on selling to (price shopping, low gross, ad driven walk-ins – or repeat customers and referrals we meet by prospecting, who are easier to close and with commissions that are usually double compared to walk-ins).

To sell more and earn more, we need to develop more skills than we have now and learn to work smarter every day.

If you’re stuck around that 10 car average, the first thing you have to understand is selling isn’t just about loving cars, being friendly and acing product knowledge.

Those are all great and important to selling more, but to get past average, you also have to learn how to sell.

“I’m not comfortable pushing people into buying.”

If you honestly think tricking or pushing people is how you sell more, you probably got the same bad information I did my first 5 years.

I learned to sell the pushy way and still only sold 8 a month and hated it – I just couldn’t afford to quit.

I finally ran into the information I needed to develop my skills to turn my own 8 car rut into a 38 car rut instead, and you can increase your unit and income rut, too.

In less than a year, you can learn how to sell 20-30+ every month
and easily earn $100,000+ every year.

Like the tip on the left, I got stuck at 8 units because I listened to the wrong people instead of getting a solid education in sales so I could learn how to earn $100,000+ every year.

I finally got lucky and learned how to sell. One of the most important tips I remember that completely changed my thinking about who to listen to about becoming more successful was…

Never take advice from anyone who isn’t as successful as you want to be.

I know you know that you can sell more, so work on SHAC and treat 2019 like a brand new opportunity to move up to your next level in sales and income.

That’s how you avoid ruts and potholes in your career.


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