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“Tell us more about Questions”

The Short Version…

Questions help you set appointments that show.
Questions immediately set the direction of the sale.
Questions give you ‘hot button’ info to help you sell.
Questions help you sell what you have in inventory.
Questions build the value and lead to a close.
Questions cause people to take mental ownership.
Questions set up a non-price negotiation.
Questions close the sale.
Questions overcome objections.
Questions are how you work deals.

And so much more – but only if you ask the right questions.


Here are 3 examples of how questions can affect people’s answers. Say you want pizza for dinner and ask…

A) “Wanna grab a pizza for dinner?” Bad question! Why? Because ‘Yes / No’ questions are ‘dead ends’. If it isn’t ‘Yes’, you lose. You’ll have pizza for dinner if you’re lucky. ‘Yes / No’ questions kill sales every day. Change a few words to get their preference and if not pizza – hopefully your 2nd favorite choice.

B) “I was thinking pizza – maybe chicken for dinner or do you want something else?” Now it’s a discussion. You stated your preference, but left it open for anything else, so you’ll probably lose again.

If I definitely wanted pizza or chicken, I’d change my first few words and only offer my 2 options – and I’ll probably end up with pizza for dinner.

C) “I’d really like pizza tonight, but I’d be OK with chicken, which would you rather have?” If just a few words can screw up what you want for dinner, imagine what they’re doing to your sales!

$7 $15 Pizza vs. $40,000 $50,000 Vehicle.
(Yeah, same pizza, same vehicle.)

Selling more and earning $500+ commissions is way more valuable than getting that pizza, and definitely relies on you asking dozens of ‘good questions’.

“Tell us more about Questions.” Unfortunately most of us, myself included my first 5 years, were never taught what to ask customers, and what I did learn from everyone else was terrible.

Even my managers told us to find out their intentions up front by asking them this in our greeting…

“If we can find a car you like & work it out the way you want to buy it, could we send you home in it today?” And everything else I said was just as bad. From hanging with low achievers (high achievers were busy), most of us learned to ask the very worst questions from the greeting to closing. They were all either ‘Yes / No’ or (bad) ‘Open Ended’ questions.

When you understand questions, it’ll be a cringe-worthy event every time you hear anyone ask these:

● How can I help you? (Open Ended)
● What color do you want? (Open Ended)
● So what are you looking to spend? (Open Ended)
● Do you have a trade? What do you want for it? (Open)
● Y’all want to go inside and see what we can do? (Y/N)
● Are you ready to buy today if the price is right? (Y/N)
● Is this the car you want to buy? (Y/N) This is the worst closing question for so many reasons!

And dozens more ‘Yes / No’ sales killers.

You have to remember that most people aren’t comfortable spending $30,000 or $100,000+ with someone they just met 90 minutes ago. Good questions keep the sale on track and become ‘conversations’ about feature / benefit hot buttons.


When someone asks, “What’s the most important thing to learn in sales?”, my answer is always…Asking questions is the critical skill that allows you to accomplish everything in life and sales. Learning better questions is like riding a bicycle. You learn once & the more you ride, the better you get. Improving everything just takes practice.

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