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“27 cars in my 2nd month!”

“3 weeks of Joe’s training before I was allowed to talk to a customer.”

“Getting into the car business was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I’m so glad my dealership values your training and provided it for me. I have a boss and manager who believed in me, and pushed me out of my comfort zone because they really want me to succeed. 

They gave me the time and tools to develop my skills and to really concentrate on my training for 3 full weeks before getting me in front of a customer – which let me really dive deeper into your training. And because they did, I sold 27 cars my second month in sales.

I was also impressed with your training team, who were always available and only a text or phone call away to help me become a true professional in automobile sales.

The core 4 (red) section of Joe’s New Basics was what helped me the most, by learning how to talk to people in a sales situation. Learning how to ask the right questions and investigate to find their wants and needs and then do a targeted presentation on those, was the plan I needed for success!

I love how your sales training gives real life examples and demonstrates how a conversation will go. This helped me so much when I was with customers who would say the same things I’d learned and practiced in the videos, because I knew how to respond! 

I’m excited because the more I practice the better I get, and my confidence has been increasing with every chapter I take. I’m committing to 3 chapters a day now, because I know the more I learn – the more I’ll earn!

This is just the beginning of an incredible career in the Best Business on the Planet!”

Mckenna Mertens, Salesperson, Ford, WI


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