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3 Quick Reminders

Which statement is correct?

(Slow down and think.)

● Buying is a logical decision based on facts, and the negotiation is emotional.

● Buying is the emotional decision, and negotiation is logical based on facts.

Aren’t Sure?

Do you recall anyone on the lot ever getting super excited when you tell them their trade is worth $5,000 less than their payoff, and they’ll probably need about 10 grand down just to keep their payments under $1,000 for 96 months?

OK, yeah that’s extreme, but you get the point, right?

People get excited about colors, sights, sounds, gadgets, new car smells, and especially on a great demonstration.

Price is an emotional kill shot and that’s why you never want to talk about price until they’re convinced they’ve found the perfect vehicle for themselves or their family & are heading inside to wrap it up.


When a be-back comes back into the dealership and says, “Let’s go see what we can do,” should you…

● Quickly head inside and start the paperwork (the logic and not emotion), or

● demo the vehicle again (to fire up their emotional level first), then head inside?


You’re working a deal, and they’re focused on discounts. Which determines whether they leave in their new vehicle?

● Dropping the price until you bottom out.

● Focusing on fitting it into their budget because no matter how cheap it is, if they can’t afford the payment, they won’t buy.

Let selling be easy – sell cars, not price!


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