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5 Objections Handled Joe’s Way

He handled 5 objections Joe’s way & closed the sale!

“I have been in sales and management for over 20 years and I have been training on JVTN® since Feb 2014.  I train daily, 30 minutes on my own, and we do group training with our team about 2 times per week. My part of the process is to present the numbers, overcome objections, and finish the deal. The customer’s first objection was that he wanted to think about it. In response to that I used the ‘Time Is Money’ close. The second objection was that he wanted to save up money to purchase a truck and camper prior to purchasing a motorcycle. I responded with the ‘Gas Saving Close’ and followed with the ‘Reduce To The Ridiculous’ close. On the fifth objection, the customer wanted to think about the purchase over lunch, I responded with the ‘If You Were Me’ close. At this point, my Manager suggested that we would buy their lunch if they brought their receipt back. When he returned from lunch the customer responded with, ‘If it’s ok with you, I would like to purchase this bike today.’ The price of the bike was never negotiated. Joe, thanks for a sales process that is easy to follow, easy to teach, and clear in its purpose. It just plain works.”

-Ludger Tremblay, ASM, L-A Harley-Davidson, ME


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