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$7,000 to $15,000 a month!

“From selling 13 cars and making $7,000 to selling 14-15 cars and making $15,000.”

“Joe, I have been selling cars for 1 year, and recently attended your Closing and Negotiation workshop with several salespeople from my dealership.

WOW what a wake-up call – I never realized how just changing a few words can impact the entire sales process. We left that workshop energized and excited, and we practiced in the car for most of the ride back to the dealership.

I immediately made myself flash cards with all three types of questions I wanted to get good at, and flash cards for bypassing price on the lot and handling objections – and then I practiced and reviewed them daily until I didn’t have to think about what I was saying anymore. And your easy to follow techniques for presenting the numbers and asking for a larger down payment on shorter terms exploded my paycheck. 

It’s incredible just how much a little consistent practice can make, and I went from selling 13 cars and making $7,000 to selling 14-15 cars and making $15,000. Thank you for the tools to fill my toolbox.”

– Shaun Knoch, Salesperson, Lithia Chrysler Dodge of Helena, Helena, MT