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From 9.5 to 17 units average!

“Joe – before your workshop I was doing OK and averaging about 9.5 per month. I knew there was more, but real success was always just around the corner for me.

Price had always been an issue, and in class we were taught how to turn price objections into budget concerns – and it made total sense because just about everyone is on a budget. You said ‘a good deal is a feeling not a number’ and it’s proving to be very true for me and for my customers now.

I also loved the way we were taught to get our customers to take mental ownership by getting so many minor commitments (yeses) on the features and benefits and on how they’ll be using their new vehicle. Now when we go into the office to start the paperwork they’re sitting down to buy, not to decide if they want to buy it.

Also unsold follow-up was never one of my strong suits, but I was always just told to do it, and not why or how to do it. After what I learned in the workshop, I’ve followed up with everybody, not just the ones I thought that could buy, and it’s really paying off.

I just had my biggest month ever at 22.5 units and now my current (90 day) average is 17 units and my commission has almost doubled from $250 per sale to $485!

Thanks to your Sales Workshop – success finally found me! I will continue to grow and apply everything I have learned and always keep striving to reach the next level.”

–Sara Gee, Salesperson, MO


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