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A Few Things To Understand About Today’s Market

About Today’s Market…

A lot of buyers and salespeople have retreated to a bunker and are trying to hide from the storm.

We’re all faced with higher prices, and yesterday here in South Orange County, I paid $6.99 for gas.

Buyers are cautious about everything they buy now, and that means cars, too. So if you aren’t on your toes and prepared to assume everyone came to buy and treat them right, they’ll walk if they don’t get that “lovin’ feeling”.

71% buy because they’re comfortable. The flip side is the exact same. 71% who weren’t – don’t buy.

8 out of 10 you talk to came to buy because their car wore out, family needs one, lease is up, or just because they decided to go out and buy themselves a new car, because they want one.

You have to ‘keep the main thing, the main thing’, every day, with every customer you talk to.

If you’ll do that, you’ll ‘steal a deal’ every day from your competition who are all huddled at the desk on the showroom, talking about how tough it is to sell cars today.

Have you ever noticed there’s always someone selling cars, having fun and making money, while the other salespeople convince each other there’s no way to sell more cars, at least not now?

Change your mind to change your results.

So let’s focus on a few key things that are critical to selling more, that tend to fall by the wayside when things slow down.

The first catch is while ‘buying’ might dip, you can’t afford to dip in your sales right along with it. You can’t let your guard down and start buying into, “We can’t sell more cars because…”
Almost everybody gets a flu shot every year to stay physically healthy. But hardly any salespeople take a shot of information every day, week, month, or even every year to stay healthy financially.

You’re the money maker, and there’s plenty of opportunity to double your sales and income.

It’s easy to improve and easy to fall back, if you don’t take a few minutes every day to learn more and remember what you already know.

This Is The Car Business!

The most important thing to remember about selling cars is the never ending opportunities we have. 95% have a vehicle now and almost everyone will be getting another one today, soon or down the road.

Make friends & sell more cars!


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