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All About Self Confidence

People have always asked me…

How do you handle being on straight commission in sales?”

They couldn’t imagine having to create an income every month with no guaranteed paycheck.

It never bothered me because I knew my current average in units and income each month. That means, as long as I kept doing all of the things I normally do, I’d know what I’d earn.

In sales, nothing contributes to your success more than confidence, which controls your attitude. You gain confidence from three things; knowledge, skills and your past success.

With good skills and self-confidence, you’ll rock ‘n roll in great times, and still be heads above the crowd if business gets ugly, because you’ll know what you have to do to pull it off.

Too many salespeople do the opposite. They only focus on the things that go wrong and by doing that, they develop poor self-confidence, which translates into a very weak attitude.

That’s why tracking is so important – it keeps you aware of what you’re doing and your results. Example; if you know you deliver 1 out of 3 demos and need one more unit for a bonus, what activity do you need to focus on? Right: 3 more demos.

Once you track every sales activity, you’ll uncover all of your key stats and how they affect your sales. When you know exactly how many people you talk to, how many you demo, how many you write up, and how many you deliver – you’ll have 4 different ways to increase sales, instead of the only one most dealers, managers and salespeople think of, “I need more traffic.”

Call and order your Weekly Pocket Guides, then carry one 24/7 to log everything you do for 30 days. If you will, you’ll quickly understand how easy it is to control your sales and income.

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