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Amateur vs. Pro

Whether you played amateur or professional sports, how many games would you win if you didn’t pay attention to the plays the coach was covering and didn’t practice any of them before the game…

Would you win or lose?

Experience kills growth, because people think, “I don’t need to learn more, I’ve been doing this 20 years.”

What that really means is…

“I’ve been doing the same things over & over for 20 years & that’s why I just keep getting the same results (or less, especially now).”

We had a salesperson in our sales workshop with a lifetime of experience who was forced to attend.

At the end of class he broke down (yes, cried). He said he wasted a career and could have easily improved and done more for his family if he had just learned more.

My 8 steps work, if you do your part!

I spoke at a dealer 20-Group and one of the dealers said, “I tried your stuff and your process didn’t work.”

He actually used all the right words, they were just in the wrong order.

He didn’t work the process.


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