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Another Dozen Skills You Need To Earn $100,000+

Learning how to sell with the Basics is critical, but here is a list of the other skills you need if your goal is to earn $100,000+ every year. Just check what you want to improve.

Keep The Sale On Track

If you don’t control the process, good luck, you’ll need it. Control isn’t negative, it just means keeping the sale on track. You do that by asking the right questions at the right time to keep the sale moving forward.

There Are Always 8 Steps To A Sale

Average salespeople do their best to skip steps and it costs them sales every month. Pros rely on each of those steps because each selling step completes a buying step every customer has to take. Skip a step and most buyers leave without buying.

Questions – Questions – Questions

You don’t talk or tell your way to a sale. You ask your way to a sale.

I just took a break and was walking my dog at the park, and looked at a ’68 Chevy pickup a guy is trying to sell.

I’m a buyer for an older truck, but I couldn’t even squeeze my questions in.

He couldn’t make himself shut up and just kept going on and on about nothing that mattered to me at all. So, ‘No Sale’! Questions help you get information, lead customers to the sale with minor commitments on their ‘hot button’ features, and then close the sale.

Tip: You have 1 mouth and 2 ears, so ask, listen, listen, ask, listen, listen, etc.

Bypass Price & Build Value

No matter what you want to believe, price is almost never most important. Price talk, not the actual price, costs you more sales than anything you do.

Handling ‘price’ correctly is a deal maker, talking about it is a deal breaker. You have to understand how people decide what to pay, learn how to stay off price until they mentally own the car, and learn how to close the sale with a much higher gross.

On JVTN®? If so, take ‘PRICE’ now.

Closing Is A Process, Not A Question

My New Basics is an 8 step closing process from when you meet the customer until you send them to F&I.

Go to and read the testimonials – you’ll see these same key points over and over again…

“I stopped focusing on price, started asking more questions, and followed your 8-Steps, every time with every customer and I doubled my sales.”

Close On Their Objections

8 out of 10 sales close after you’ve dealt with more than 5 “No”, “It’s too much”, “We’ll think about it”, “We want to shop”, etc. objections.

Customers only have 7 basic objections to buying. Learn to deal with them the right way – you’ll sell more.

Your Best Immediate Prospect For A Sale Just Left Without Buying

8 out of 10 people who walk on your lot will buy, either from you or someone else.

If you aren’t contacting all of them, or not getting them back in, follow my directions in ‘Unsold Follow Up’ on JVTN® and you’ll increase your sales which seems like a lot of benefit for about 5 minutes of extra effort.

Your Best Long-term Prospect For A Sale Just Took Delivery

9.5 out of 10 people you sell will buy more vehicles and their immediate family will purchase 36 vehicles from you or someone else. Take ‘Customer Retention’ on JVTN® or get to our workshop, and build your base.

5 Easy Prospecting Calls A Day Is Worth 10 to 15 More Units A Month

If you live off ups, you’ll sell about 10 units. If you prospect daily the way we teach, you’ll double your sales within a couple of months and have so much more fun than waiting for your next hard to close, low gross price-shopper.

Learn To Use The Phone

Incoming Sales Calls –Internet Leads, Unsold Follow Up – Prospecting Calls If you don’t master the phone, good luck, you’ll need it. Yes, we have those courses on JVTN®, and in class, too.

Working A Deal is Negotiating

There isn’t enough space to even start talking about negotiation, but it has nothing to do with dropping the price or trying to ‘split the difference’.

Most salespeople don’t understand it and can prove it by their paycheck.

Keep Up With Everything You Do

Yeah, you hate ‘tracking’, but that’s because you don’t understand why it’s so important. Do it anyway and log everyone and what you did, and you’ll find lots of ways to sell more. Buy 3 of my ‘Monthly Planning Guides’, use them for 90 days, and you’ll understand.


If you really want to earn $100,000, you can. You just need to learn more.