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Another Question…

What would you do if a couple came in and enthusiastically asked to see the new Mustang?

○ Show it to them.
○ Tell them how great it is.
○ Give them a demo.
○ Try to close.

The problem with assuming…

A man ran into the drugstore and asked if they had a cure for hiccups. The pharmacist filled a glass of water and threw it in his face. Angrily the man said, “Why did you do that?”

The pharmacist said, “You don’t have the hiccups now do you?”, and the man replied, “I never did, but my wife is in the car and she does.”


When I first started selling cars again, I was way better, but still always working on improving my skills. One day a couple came in and said they wanted to see the new Z, so I showed it with 150% enthusiasm, got them super excited about how nice it was, gave them a great demo, started closing and they said…

“Oh, I’m sorry, we had just seen a new Z at the light when we turned into the auto mall and wanted to see it. We need to buy a Sentra for our daughter’s birthday, but we’re out of time. We’ll try to come back tomorrow.”

I got their info and when I called, they apologized and thanked me for showing them the Z and wanted me to know they purchased a Sentra later that day somewhere else. I was always a good sport & thanked them, but I missed an easy sale.


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