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Apply What You Learn In Class…

“If I could go back 20 years to apply what I learned in Joe’s class…”

“I have been in car sales over 20 years and if I could go back 20 years with what I learned at Joe Verde’s ‘How To Sell A Car Today’ Workshop, I would be retired now with more money than I would ever need!

What helped me most in that workshop was CRIC – Clarify, Rephrase, Isolate and Close – when you get any objection. Understanding those, and practicing those 4 steps, and then implementing CRIC into my selling process, has worked 99% of the time! Using CRIC and understanding that ‘budget’, not price is most important and using that correctly, seals the deal almost every time.

Before I went to Joe’s workshop, my average was 12.5 units per month, and now I am at a solid 16.7. Last year my income was $103,500. I am just shy of $100K now and have three more peak months to pass last year’s income.

Every Dealer needs to send their staff to this Workshop. Thanks to my dealership for investing in my selling future and thanks, Joe, for paving my way to continued success.”

Carlos Castro, Sales Consultant, Florida

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