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Are some salespeople just ‘naturals’?

Wouldn’t it be great if you’d been born with a natural talent for selling lots of cars?  Wouldn’t selling cars be a piece of cake if you’d been blessed with more of that charisma and had won the golden tongue award so many of the “naturals” in our business seem to have?

Some salespeople just make selling look so easy, it’ll make you crazy. Every time they turn around, there’s another friendly customer, easy deal and big paycheck. And being a natural doesn’t apply just to salespeople. Some doctors, teachers, soldiers or techs seem to have that special rhythm that helps them glide through their work every day and make it look so easy to the rest of us. 

Wish you were a “natural”?

Yeah, me too, and it didn’t work out for me either, so get over it quick!

In real life, those golden tongue awards, golden healing skills or golden fix-it skills aren’t passed out at birth to future salespeople, doctors or mechanics. 

When I was still that “8-car guy,” a speaker said something that gave me hope that I could learn how to become a success in life and in sales. I took what he said and made the change and so can you. He simply reminded me that…

There aren’t any born doctors, techs, or salespeople.

He reminded me that we’re all born just little boys and little girls, and that it’s what we learn and what we do later in life that makes us who we are.

Sure, some people end up (through experience or training) having that gift of gab or having that special charisma that most people are attracted to. But like the definition of most in the left column, some is an even smaller number. Now we’re talking 3% or maybe 5% who start out with that special advantage.

Most, or a lot of the other people who make it all look so easy just didn’t really like being average. Instead of developing solid excuses, they went ahead and developed solid skills so they could improve. They got out of their comfort zones, started to learn more about things, and they took action instead of just wishing everything would work out. 

If you pay attention, the most important thing you’ll notice about a natural is that almost everything they do can be learned, duplicated and turned into a habit that you can develop, too.

For instance, they usually make talking to strangers look easy and they build rapport almost instantly, by asking questions. If you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, learn to ask the right questions and talk to more people, you can make building rapport easy, too.

Most naturals also seem to have more effective selling skills, organizational skills, goal setting skills, and time management skills than most of us. Again, though, these are all just things they learned to do, and you can do the same.

Success isn’t rocket science, and neither is selling. Selling, closing, handling price, negotiation, follow up, etc. are all just processes we teach in class and on JVTN®. When you improve your skills in each process, you increase sales and income. No smoke, no mirrors and no golden tongue award – just the effort on your part to learn, change and improve.

Why not make growing every year your goal? To improve a lot over last year, just improve your skills and habits some.

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