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Are you Asking the Right Questions to Control the Sale?

Note: Your first few minutes and first few words determine the path of every sale.

The questions you aren’t asking that start & keep your sale on track…

○ “Welcome to ABC Motors, I’m ___ and you are ___?” (Asking this question will prevent a ‘just looking’ or other vague reply.)

○ Quick Yes: “Y’all sure picked a nice day to look at new cars, nice out isn’t it?” (Yes)

Either/Or questions move the sale forward:

○ “So who’s the lucky one this time, Betty, will it be for you or Bob?” (Bob)

○ “Is this for a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, something like that or just because you deserve it?” (Just time to trade.)

○ “Are you looking for another truck or a car or SUV this time?” (White truck)

○ “Another loaded 250, or something more basic?” (Loaded 250, maybe a 150)

○ “What’s your 2nd favorite color?” (Silver)

“Ok, it sounds like you want to stick with lighter colors, are you thinking long bed or short bed this time?” (Long bed)

Price comes up early almost every time. To sell more, keep the focus on value, not price. (How much is this one?)

○ “Just under 80 … Were you thinking this loaded or more mid-range?” (Mid) (What would my payments run?)

○ “That depends on the truck we select, so let’s go find it – I didn’t ask, are you keeping yours or trading it?” (Trading)

Questions are your most valuable tool in sales because…

You don’t tell your way to a sale, you ask your way to a sale.

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